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Excellent Massage. Very enjoyable There will be more to come in our future & my husband and I highly recommend Pat to all. I think we'll opt for the longer massage next time to get the full benefit of Pat's expertice.

Lisa Sherman

My back, neck and shoulders were very tense and painful. I finally had to do something about it and I did not want to use medication, so I called Pat! After an hour with Pat, I felt great!

Kelly E

Relaxing and professional! I had a great experience. Pat made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in. I was completely relaxed when I left. I would highly recommend Pat to anyone looking for a professional relaxing massage.

Sueann Robinson

Good work! Pat is professional and very capable. We are very pleased with the massages we receive and believe the combination of music and aroma therapy are quite nice and make it a great experience.

Marion & Carolyn H

Pat, What can I say? You're a "natural", and also emanate a very soothing, healing presence. An integral aspect of massage is a feeling of trust , and you make me feel at ease. I also love your way of knowing just how much pressure to use. You're a delightful young woman moving on to a new career.

Kathryn Farquhar

A Very Relaxing Experience. I've had only 3 professional massages in my life. This one compared very favorably with all of them. I especially liked the quick relief when a leg/foot cramp raised its ugly head. Pat knew just what to do.

John Greenman
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